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Special Education


The Special Education Department at Sleepy Hollow Middle and High School operates on the principle of providing educational and nurturing support services in the least restrictive environment for all students.  We do this alongside peers in a general educational environment -- in their home district and classrooms. 

Our approach is student centered and individualized, designed to meet their needs and optimize their learning potential. Through strong, dynamic collaboration between special educators, parents, general education teachers and support staff (guidance counselors, psychologist, social worker, speech therapists, teaching assistants, aides and other related services providers) students are provided the best education possible.

Special Education Services

We offer a full continuum of special education services for school-age students with disabilities in array of services to meet an individual student's needs that includes:

  • consultant teacher services (direct and/or indirect);
  • resource room services;
  • related services;
  • special class;
  • integrated co-teaching services; and
  • declassification services.

Some additional special education services that we offer when recommended include:

  • transition services;
  • transitional support services;
  • travel training;
  • adaptive physical education;
  • extended school year services/program;
  • special transportation;
  • life skills.

*This continuum of services is reviewed annually by a subcommittee of special education. 

Our mission is to encourage students to be responsible for themselves, to enable them to complete the required academics necessary to graduate and to prepare them for careers. Our special education programs are designed to help students recognize their personal strengths and talents and develop their academic, social, emotional, and vocational skills.

Denise Wagner