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At SHMS, we strive to cultivate our students into highly literate readers, writers, and thinkers to meet the challenges of a global and technological society. We acknowledge that our students can only thrive if they are in an environment that supports all ability levels and learning styles, maintains high standards, enhances self-esteem as they journey through adolescence, remains dedicated to developing emotional intelligence, and provides a broad range of educational experiences both in and out of the traditional classroom setting.  

SHMS believes that students learn best when they are actively engaged in and surrounded by learning experiences. Collaborative partnerships between the home, school, and community provide a safe and structured environment where consistent high expectations are set, and students take ownership and accountability for their learning by developing strategies to engage in self-assessment. 

At SHMS, academic rigor is an on-going learning process of problem solving and discovery, setting high expectations for all. It fosters critical and analytical thinking by questioning and challenging what is said, heard, read, or viewed. It empowers learners to take risks by engaging in relevant and meaningful experiences that have real-world applications. By making learning accessible to all, rigor cultivates independent thinkers on a quest for learning.

SHMS recognizes learning to be a social process that must also be FUN! 

For the sake of all children, SHMS.